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“I have tried visiting them and I admire the friendly staff that they have. Even the staff at the front desk have been very friendly and explained everything that I need to know thoroughly. I didn’t even waited for a long time to fill out the papers. The entire process is also done fast for after checking everything, they were able to instantly provide me the 420 card.”


“Everything is done fast and easy. I have been coming here for the past 2 years and there was not even a time when I have been disappointed with their services and how they have treated me. They have always been available any time that I needed them. Moreover, the space is very welcoming even if I have just stayed there for just a short amount of time.”


“They definitely have everything that I am looking for. They have a great waiting area and an ample amount of space and seat available. Therefore, I was able to sit comfortably while waiting for the process to be done and waiting for the card to be given to me. Overall, I had a great experience with them.”


“I did not have a hard time finding their location. The waiting time was not that long as well. I went for them for a renewal and that sure was fast, not to mention, everything was hassle-free. I had the best experience as I was able to easily set for an appointment. I would surely recommend you to others who wanted to have the same experience that I had.”


“One thing that I love about them is the fact that they have a great customer service. They were able to answer all the questions that I have in mind and never have I seen them have a frown on their face. I was also provided with the information that I needed. I sincerely thank you.”


“I have called them in advance and I was able to get my recommendation within just a few minutes. The doctor is also very pleasant and this place is totally included in my recommendation list. I felt that they are not only after my money and that they are also after my welfare. Great thanks to the entire team.”


“With them, I have experienced a painless procedure. The doctor was very nice and provided me with medical marijuana. They have also made me feel that they are someone whom I can rely on regarding my concerns. I vow that I would remain loyal to you, also because you have been very honest with me.”


“I walked in without much anticipation and I walked out with much joy. I would definitely go back for my renewal. They have taught what to do next upon receiving my card and here I am sharing my love for the company to the world. My visit was definitely a worthy one. You have proven to me once again that you are the best. Thanks a lot!”


“I have been renewing here for the past 3 years. The staff are very professional, informative and friendly. The doctors are very kind and they always provide a good suggestion in using the strains to treat ailments. It does not just stop there. For so many evaluation centers that are present who does nothing but scamming people with the illegitimate recs, I am always assured that with the recs that I have gotten coming from this center in the past years are legitimate. I have seen that the other rec center had frequent changed on their business names and locations but this center did not. It simply means that they have a strict compliance to the law.”


“The place that they have is great not only for the renewal purposes but also for anyone who seeks to get their rec for the first time. It is also good for someone who never have a lot of knowledge and experience in shopping around for their rec. The staff are really nice and polite. I can see that they are happy to help and give all information that I wanted to know. In addition, the price of the rec is affordable and I have the assurance that it is not fake and that makes me feel confident of returning to them the next time.”


“I had my appointment with this center through online and I find it very convenient. I have seen that the process is fast. The doctor also advised me on what strains will be the best and effective for tremors, insomnia and migraine. The employees are reassuring and personable. I felt honored for their nice treatment with compassion and care. It is nice walking in public place having a comfortable feeling for the first time even without the presence of my service animal, my tremor does not attack anymore.”


“Initially, I will have to admit that I was nervous but I feel comfortable when I already enter as the staff are incredibly awesome. That is why I feel very welcomed. It’s worth the effort! The employees are pretty busy but they still manage to do my request fast. They are also very informative with the products that they have. They are professional and nice and if you are not into the drama, hit this place now. Easy and peasy! I will definitely return for my renewal.”


“I still can’t believe that I got my medical rec in 30 minutes. They are using a good quality of the paper for the recommendation. They are professionally dealing with all their clients and their products. It is pretty awesome and effective. You can also have a discount when you bring friends with you. You can even check their website for more details. I have the best experience with the medical doctors in this center.”