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Should I get an ID card for an additional fee?

Yes. Working with patients for a while and hearing a lot of feedback we definitely can say it turned out very beneficial to some of the patients to have an id card in their wallet. There could be different situations mostly when a patient forgot his recommendation letter and doesn’t not have any proof of having medication according to the state law.

Who has a right to grow medical marijuana in California?

California patients who obtained a medical cannabis card as well as their primary caregivers.

There was a case People v Mentch in 2008 where court ruled that Caregivers cannot limit themselves to providing marijuana only and they must provide more services to the patient.

Under SB 215 patients are allowed to grow their own forming a collective or cooperative.

But you must check local growing regulations in your city and best of all consult a lawyer.

How much is it allowed to carry and how much can I grow?

Normally its 8 ounces of dry cannabis and 6 mature plants or 12 immature per patient. Patients can ask doctor to see if they can get exemption from this limits according to the state law. They can be given exemption letter if they need more for their personal medical use. California law is very compassionate and understanding here. Patients can use cannabis in so many different ways

Can I sell my medication to somebody else?

No. General rule applies here you cannot sell what was prescribed or recommended, in case with cannabis. However according to SB 420 patient or member of collective can get reimbursement for their expenses etc. Be careful it can very easily misinterpreted. Again its best to consult a lawyer.

Medical marijuana recommendation: What is it all about?

A medical marijuana recommendation is a given medical document by your doctor asserting that you have a health condition which can be helped with the use of medical cannabis or marijuana. This form of recommendation document gives you access to enter any collective/dispensary during the California state and get marijuana for your medical use. Also, it consents you to consume medical marijuana and carry particular amounts of it under certain conditions.

How about the renewal?

The law in California strongly requires every patient to visit their consultant at least one a year to re-assess the medical use of marijuana of the patient. When you have seen your doctor, you’ll be given a new recommendation of medical marijuana.

Is appointment needed?

Walk-in patients are also welcomed. But, patients are encouraged to call ahead when making an appointment so that you can be quickly seen by the doctor.

What are the important qualifications I should bring with me?

At a time of your visit, you need to bring a valid California state I.D or California driver’s license. Other forms of identification card may be okay. It is necessary to bring your photo identification card or original recommendation with you if you’re doing a renewal from other doctor.

Will I qualify for my medical condition?

Many medical conditions are presented for you to be qualified for medical marijuana. However, if there is other reason detected causing your doctor to feel that medical marijuana is not appropriate for you, you’ll not be charged for your visit.

Can you guarantee a confidential record?

Yes. The medical records of patients are strictly one hundred percent secure and confidential under privacy regulations. Doctors are not reporting patient names to any federal or state government agency, insurance companies or employers. Also, rest assured your medical record will not appear on any history checks. A written permission or a court summon is needed to present to release your medical records to someone other than you.

Is travelling to another state with medical marijuana is permitted?

A recommendation from the doctor’s office allows the patient to use and purchase medical marijuana, but only in the California state. You may not carry medical marijuana outside of California into another country or state. Transporting, furnishing, giving away or selling it out of the California state is illegal. Thus, avoid taking your medical marijuana in any federally controlled accommodations (e.g. airport), even in the California state. However you can call us to ask about latest news.

Where can I use it?

You should only use medical marijuana in the privacy of your home. Its use is not permitted in public parks, on school buses, while operating a boat, in an operated motor vehicle and no smoking zones.

What new rights do I have when I become a legal patient?

The California compassionate Use Act – Proposition 215, was legislated by the electorates and took effect on the 6th day of November, 1996. This law makes it permissible for patients and their selected primary caregivers to grow and possess marijuana for their medical individual use with the approval of a licensed physician in California.