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Support for the Marijuana Regulation Initiative Rockets in California

Sixty percent of California‘s likely voters have stated that they would give a yes to the initiative to regulate marijuana sale and retail production by adults. This is according to the results of a poll conducted by Probolsky Research. Sixty percent of the poll correspondents have shown that they are in favor of the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use initiative this November. This also includes the government being allowed to tax its retail sales. Only 37% stated they were not in favor of it.

Those whose age are between 18-34, of about 80%, are the ones who have shown the strongest support for the said initiative while the self-identified democrats composed 69% of it. On the other hand, the Republicans were 38% and those who are over the age of 65, about 46%were the least likely to show support to the initiative.

AUMA or the Adult Use of Marijuana, which is expected to appear on the ballot on November, permits the adults to be able to grow marijuana legally as long as it would not exceed 6 plants.This is also with the consideration that there would be up to 8 concentrate grams and up to one lower ounce. Those whose age are over 21 years old would also be allowed to possess and use an ounce of it. This also involves imposing 15% of tax on its retail sales. Apart from that, it also allows the commercial production of cannabis and retail sales licensing. The state would also be regulating not only the cultivation but also the distribution and sale of the recreational marijuana. One is also prohibited to export the said drug outside of the country.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is the one backing the measure and so as the NAACP state chapter as well as the California Medical Association. The board of Directors of NORML has also endorsed AUMA on Feb. 20 together with other initiatives that are also expected to appear on the Massachusetts, Arizona and Nevada November 2016 ballot. Initiatives including those including its medical use in Florida and Missouri have also been endorsed.

The initiative aims help legalize marijuana under the state law. It was also designed in order to establish agencies that would be responsible in the regulation and licencing of the marijuana industry. It also aims to exempt the medical marijuana from certain taxation and preventing the advertisement of marijuana to minors. In fact, apart from those that have already been mentioned, there are tons efforts exerted in order to legalize marijuana and they are competing with each other on order for them to be included in the 2026 California ballot. California is now on the process of determining what the best way to legalize while still limiting the access of the children at it, targeting illegal activities and regulating and said drug’s sale and cultivation. Now, all there is left is to wait for the final results to come and hopefully, it would all be for the best.

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