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Latest CBS Poll Finds Most Americans Want Legalization of Marijuana

The demand for usage of medical marijuana is increasing in the community. Marijuana is proven to have medical benefits. It is known for its beneficial effects in curing some diseases, many are saying that Marijuana should be legalized so that many people can gain health benefits from it. Legalization of Marijuana is the single common sensitive issue that the American community is dealing with right now. CBS recently conducted a poll on what the Americans think of the buzz around Marijuana Legalization. Let us all see what the American people have to say.

According to the poll, there are 56 percent of the American people saying that the use of cannabis should be legal. This is according to the result of the nationwide poll commissioned by the CBS News. The percentage is known to be the highest result ever reported by the news agency. In contradiction with the idea of using the cannabis legally, there are 36 percent of respondents who have opposed of using it legally.

The nationwide poll manifested that 71 percent of the respondents aging between 18 to 34 are saying that marijuana use should be legal. This shows an increase of 10 percent as compared to the conducted nationwide poll last year. For people within the age bracket of 35 to 64, 57 percent of the respondents had backed the legalization but there are only 31 percent, aging 65 and older who did not.

There are men having the average percentage of 59 percent supporting the legalization of marijuana usage and there are 54 percent of the women in the place also who did support the idea. The Democrats having an average of 63 percent and the Independents having an average of 58 percent were more likely to support the marijuana legalization, which is far as compared to the Republicans who have an average of 44 percent.

As a response to the nationwide polling question, there are 51 percent of the Americans who admitted that they have been using cannabis, which is higher than the 34 percent in the year 1997. The nationwide poll is possessing a margin of error in +/- 4 percent. Sometimes, it cannot be avoided that it cannot be perfectly done but a small average of error margin cannot cause a lot of risks in the nationwide poll.

The results of the CBS survey is somewhat the same with the results of other nationwide polls conducted. It is similar to the results made by CBS, Pew and Gallup. These nationwide poll conductors claims to find the majority of the Americans who wanted to support the legalization of the marijuana usage. These surveys can help monitor the number of people who wanted to end the marijuana prohibition each year. Many wanted to make the legalization of marijuana possible, which is obvious because of the increase in the number from the last years’ survey. There are several studies showing that those who suffer from illnesses can benefit from the use of marijuana. It can help in the field of medication. Perhaps, that is the primary reason why there are many Americans who wanted this to be legalized.

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