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Scientists: New Technique Measures Cannabis Content on Edibles Accurately

It is known to the world that more and more states are decriminalizing not only marijuana’s use. Apart from that, they have been more open when it comes to expending its medical applications. Although that is the case, more and more people have also been showing their concern regarding this matter, especially when it comes to the inaccurate and inconsistent dosage information that are listed on various products. However, now, scientists have stated that they have been able to create a technique that is capable of measuring the exact amount of the cannabis compounds on these products that contains marijuana. They have stated that it can help ensure the safety of the products in relation to the expansion of the cannabis retail market. In fact, they have presented at the ACS or the American Chemical Society’s 251st National Meeting & Exposition.Melissa Wilcox stated that the producers of edible cannabis have complained that in case they have sent their products to 3 different laboratories, they are given 3 different results. Thus, they have been exerting more effort in measuring the cannabis content of such products by coming up with such solid method for that.

Over 30 districts and states in Columbia have already decriminalized cannabis. They have also allowed legal access of it as long as it is for medical use. One study that has been conducted just recently showed that the places where edible marijuana products can be purchased have misleading and inconsistent labelling. As a matter of fact, there were  also researchers who have analysed various cannabis products in 3 cities in which it can be legally purchased and the results of their research shows that only 17% of it have an accurate label of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol amount, a marijuana active ingredient that is responsible for making one feel high. More than half of them also have CBD or cannabidiol with a detectable level, which can be used for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties without producing effects that alters one’s mind has not been included in the labels.

JahanMarcu, Ph.D. stated that such discrepancies are important as edible marijuana is capable of providing longer lasting effects and can be more potent than when it is smoked. This has something to do with how the body metabolizes it. Apart from that, it also takes a longer time for a person to feel its effects while eating products that contains cannabis. In some cases, effects may be felt after 1-2 hours and if in case a person has consumed too much of it, then they is a possibility that they would have a bad experience because of it. Currently, an HPLC or a high performance liquid chromatograph is used in analysing such edibles but there are still some problems about that. That is why the team has been working on coming up with a more effective method of doing it. The preliminary results are still being evaluated by the team. So far, it has shown accurate measurements in some edibles and the next step would be installing them.

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