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The full list of qualifying conditions associated with the use of medical marijuana and some of those are …


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We provide services of medical marijuana evaluation in Los Angeles area. We have experienced doctors and now tattoo removal service is also available at our location. Please feel free to call and schedule a consultation. We have the most reasonable and affordable prices. A MMJ doctor will keep you in compliance with current laws. The doctor can explain how to remove tattoo and you can be sure it can be done at relatively cheap cost but what’s more important it can be done safe.

We have been in business for many years and patients have always experienced outstanding service with us. Reviews don’t lie. Check us out on Yelp or google maps. There you will also find directions to our East LA location.

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Medical Marijuana Card Doctor is a cannabis medical center. Our medical marijuana doctors completely understand that you have many obligations as an ill patient that’s why we are offering a specialized medical center where our patients can easily and reliably acquire a professional evaluation for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. We ensure that our entire patients are compliant with the entire state laws. If our patients need a therapeutic for medical marijuana, our recommendation will definitely keep them legal in accordance with the state law.

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Twin Study: Marijuana Does Not Affect Human Intelligence

Many people say that marijuana (also known as cannabis) usage have a negative impact in the brain of individuals. There are others who say Marijuana intake is not good for the stimulation process because they believe there are great unpleasant effects that it renders to the IQ of a person. While some say, marijuana can even affect


Support for the Marijuana Regulation Initiative Rockets in California

Sixty percent of California‘s likely voters have stated that they would give a yes to the initiative to regulate marijuana sale and retail production by adults. This is according to the results of a poll conducted by Probolsky Research. Sixty percent of the poll correspondents have shown that they are in favor of the legalization of Marijuana


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They dont have any hidden fees like some other places do and the process is fast and smooth. They offered ID card for an additional fee but no pressure it was not required. I dont travel much with my medication so i decided to stick with the original paper recommendation. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Alena Bond
Janice Lee

“Everything is done fast and easy. I have been coming here for the past 2 years and there was not even a time when I have been disappointed with their services and how they have treated me. They have always been available any time that I needed them. Moreover, the space is very welcoming even if I have just stayed there for just a short amount of time.”

Alan Green
Alan Green

“They definitely have everything that I am looking for. They have a great waiting area and an ample amount of space and seat available. Therefore, I was able to sit comfortably while waiting for the process to be done and waiting for the card to be given to me. Overall, I had a great experience with them.”

Gloria Priston